About Us

At Felippetto & Associates firm, clients are our main priority and we will always act with their best interest in mind. All our clients will receive a professional service. Our aim is to provide professional legal advice and Consultancy services.

The services offered by the firm are executed by qualified professionals only making our client to fell comfortable and secure. Further, make our services more efficient, our team constantly searches for new ways to make processes and tasks easier for you. What’s more, we strive for professional excellence in everything that we do.

Our team plans to accomplish this by continuing to deliver consistently outstanding service to our clients.

We are a small-growing company, and we plan on being and staying at the forefront of the paralegal services industry. We are also are accredited by the OISC for immigration advice or services. Although, Mrs Schneider has a vast experience as a paralegal and therefore, is register with the Institute of Paralegals; she also has 8 years’ experience as an Immigration adviser and is specialised in advising clients in all aspects of immigration law at level 1.

In 2008, Mrs C Schneider founded her first company, where she started to provide high quality legal advice acquired through constant training. She then moved on for a solo career and in 2017 the Felippetto & Associates was founded.

Mrs Schneider is also specialised in Italian and Portuguese citizenships through ancestry or marriage. Moreover, the company assist clients to complete several types of application form and also with the legalised translation of documents by sending it to a qualified translator. Mrs Schneider speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and can communicate effectively in polish too.

As the focus of Mrs Schneider work is in the UK, she is regularly attending training and continued professional development courses. Company customers are informed and updated about their case.