Our Paralegal Services

We know that sometimes paying for a solicitor or a barrister can be quite difficult, particular for a family that is a national minimum wage income. Therefore, we can assist with the following services without being overpriced.

Family Law

We can assist with your divorce proceedings in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Brazil.

The main cases covered are:

  • Divorce
  • Child Arrangements
  • Child Maintenance
  • Financial Order

Employment Law

We can help you to start your claim against your employer and also prepare all bundle to present to the Tribunal.


We can write and review the following agreements:

  • Employment;
  • Service Agreement; 
  •  Residential agreement;
  •  Leasing;
  • Sales Agreement;
  • Separation Agreement;
  • Child Travel consent;
  • Eviction notice;
  • Affidavit;

And many more as we can efficiently check the legislation and see if the contract is legal to be binding.

Benefits & Welfare

We can assist you with the following benefits:

  • Universal Credit;
  • Housing benefit (for cases already receiving it or for the following: pensioner, those in receipt of severe disability allowance or if you live in special accommodation);
  • Rent arrears assistance;
  • Help with tenancy deposit for those renting through the private sector;
  • Child benefit;
  • Personal Independent Payment (Disability);
  • Care allowance;
  • Maternity Allowance;
  • Paternity allowance;
  • Funeral expenses payment grant;

There are other benefits that you might be able to claim. Contact us to find out.

Property Law

We can assist you with the following:

  • Tenancy agreements;
  • Evictions;
  • Payment Defaults;
  • HMO Licences;  
  • Deposit Protection; 
  • Homeless Issues;

Debts Assistance

If you owe people money (your ‘creditors’) you can make arrangements to pay your debts. Your options depend on the amount of money and assets you have. But when you are in debt and do not speak the language properly, it can be very frustrating. In fact, many people can become ill due to the pressure of be in debt and don’t knowing how to get help. We can help you with:

  • Debt management plan;
  • Debt relief orders;
  • Individual voluntary arrangements;

Educacional Consultancy

As an educational adviser, we will help you to choose a UK university and a program that fit your interests and career plans. Our support services are designed to ensure that you receive all the guidance you can during the application for entry at one University;

We will assist you throughout the entire application process, choosing a UK university for you and registering all required documents on your behalf;

We will prepare you to study abroad, providing you with full navigation of your admission interview and all of the assessments in your UK university;

We will consult you how to apply for a student loan (EU or home students) or a student visa (international students);

We will help you with your students’ accommodation;

We will give you career-enhancing advice.

Other Litigations

Contact us regarding the litigation you are facing, and we will find the best way of solving the problem.

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